Look & Outlook at Easytech

(From our « Scientific & Technical Highlights », ed. 2020)

By Damien Cohen (Minalogic) Director of the Nanoelec Easytech Program

Easytech focuses above all on the needs expressed by SMEs and facilitates access for companies to breakthrough innovations generated through Nanoelec technology programs. These companies are the main targets
of the program, which was set up to boost their competitiveness within a medium term time frame. SMEs in all sectors can thus access advanced technological building blocks in the field of micro and nano electronics and
thereby diversify, improve or enhance their existing products with new functions or new services.

Given the COVID-19 crisis context, we have had to quickly reconsider our working practices and social organizations. The crisis has given rise to new needs and goals; it has also highlighted a number of gaps and significant challenges for our societies in terms of resilience and independence.
Digital technologies can provide solutions in many structural areas including health, working arrangements, social relationships, security and short business cycles. Today, more than ever, the Easytech program is relevant in supporting companies to develop new services and unique products using the expertise of Nanoelec partners.

The program was launched by Nanoelec at the regional level in the French region of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes with the support of Minalogic, which is a global innovation cluster for digital technologies, and with regional facilities also supporting innovation. In recent years, it has gradually spread to cover the whole France territory.

There were 24 projects involving Nanoelec signed in 2019, out of a total of 257 projects since 2012. The projects last between 6 and 18 months, depending on the technological level and the maturity of the technology transferred. The new products, functions and services are
being developed in the hubs and laboratories of two major partners of Nanoelec: CEA and Grenoble INP, and in collaboration with
the Jessica association, mainly involved in securing projects before developing product demonstrators. It is a three-phase process offered to companies: The “Explore” service: creativity, consulting and guidance towards the relevant partner.

The “Specify/Secure” service: meeting with marketing and technology experts, finalizing the functional specifications, and risk analysis. The “Materialize” service, provision of a product demonstrator. In a context of economic recovery after the health crisis of 2020, an innovation accelerator like Easytech may prove essential in spreading solutions quicker and more effectively in order to boost the competitiveness and sovereignty of French companies.

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