25/11/2022 - Quick diagnostic for Easytech: Defi-Ino

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In close collaboration with Minalogic and Grenoble-INP, IRT Nanoelec launched the Defi-Ino project in 2021.

The project was initiated in conjunction with Ines.2S Energy Transition Institute (ITE). It consists in developing an “eco-innovation” type diagnosis for companies such as SMEs, mid-caps, and start-ups, launching an innovation project with the the expertise of one of the two institutes. The proposed diagnostic is quick and inexpensive. It does not replace an actual environmental assessment, nor a life cycle assessment (LCA), but aims to be a simple evaluation, which could encourage the company to commit to a more detailed study and towards a change in its environmental responsibility culture.

2021 was devoted to the pilot phase with a definition of the process; two dummy tests run on completed projects allowed to generate an initial evaluation and select specialized private firms; eight “full scale” tests on current projects, in close cooperation with volunteering
companies (3 Inec.2S projects and 5 Nanoelec projects).

This phase was coordinated by two academic laboratories specializing in the environmental and social impacts of technologies (CEA-Liten and G-Scop./UGA), with the participation of two private firms specializing in eco-innovation (Circulab and Solid Creativity). The aim was to
combine the feedback from these players in order to test SME interest in this type of service and the degree of acceptance of the methods
proposed (confidentiality, mobilization, time, etc.). The experts built on the best practices for this audience by comparing the tools used and the projects already completed.

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