17/11/2020 - Heterogeneous Integration with Collective Die-to-Wafer Hybrid and Fusion Bonding Demonstration

EV Group, a core partner of Nanoelec consortium, successfully demonstrates end-to-end process flow for collective die-to-wafer bonding with sub-two-micron placement accuracy. This breakthrough represents an important milestone in accelerating the deployment of heterogeneous integration in next-generation 2.5D and 3D semiconductor packaging. Such technologies are requiered for leading-edge applications such as artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, augmented/virtual reality and 5G all require the development of high-bandwidth, high-performance and low-power-consumption devices without increasing production cost.  The demonstration has been achieved at EVGroup Heterogeneous Integration Competence Center, utilizing existing EVG wafer bonding technology and processes, as well as existing bond interface materials, with substrates provided by  Nanoelec and CEA-Leti.

For full information, read EVGroup PR here.

Individual dies on a wafer after collective die-to-wafer bonding (c) EVGroup