17/11/2020 - Gan is ramping up for power electronics

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GaN technology is gaining ground and concentrating the investment efforts of the largest players in the RF and Power electronics market. To confirm its performance, this technology requires advanced means of characterization. The SERMA Technologies laboratory with the Science and Surface, IRT Nanoelec and CEA Tech laboratories present different techniques allowing to characterize both the manufacturing quality and the dynamic functioning of GaN components.


  • Mathieu MEDINA, SERMA Technologies, Directeur R&D
  • Béatrice MOREAU, SERMA Technologies, Responsable Pôle de Compétences TEM
  • Laurent DUPUY, Science & Surface, Responsable analyses ToF-SIMS
  • Ennio CAPRIA, Directeur du programme Caractérisation de l’IRT Nanoelec
  • Mathieu GAVELLE, CEA Tech, Responsable équipe Puissance