27/10/2020 - G-RAD : Grenoble Radiation Testing on Semiconductors & Systems

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Radiation effects in semiconductor devices is one of the major reliability concerns in today’s electronics. Continuous scaling and the ubiquitous presence of sensors and components in our day-to-day life have brought these effects to play a main role in the performance of electronic systems. Moreover, several reliability questions arise from new applications (such as self-driving cars, nanosatellites, medical implants…). As the demand for radiation hardness testing is on the rise, the availability of radiation facilities providing industrial access to perform these tests seems to be decreasing. Traditional testing methodologies also seem to be limited in face of new semiconductor technologies.

The G-RAD workshop aims to put together testing facilities and radiation experts and stakeholders from industry and academia to stimulate discussion on current and future needs in radiation hardness testing and evaluate limitations of available radiation facilities and possible evolutions.

This short 2 day workshop will take place in Grenoble, France, in December 9-10, 2020.

The full program is here.