25/11/2022 - Accurate occupancy data to assist smart building management

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A brand new product of Schneider Electric might be a game changer in the journey to net-zero carbon buildings. It has been introduced
in April 2022, and brings high-performance people-counting features, developed through an innovative partnership led in the framework of
Nanoelec by STMicroelectronics, Schneider Electric and Lynred.

On April 2022, Schneider Electric presented SpaceLogic Insight-Sensor, an advanced sixin-one ceiling mounted room/ zone sensor for people counting, occupancy, light, sound, temperature, and humidity sensing. Unlike traditional ventilation control that relies on schedules or CO2 levels, the Sensor, which uses anonymous, people-counting technology, responds to precise changes in room occupancy in real-time for optimal fresh air supply. Coupled with a full Building Operation System, it enables fast response time with no additional design, configuration or commissioning costs.

While monitoring occupancy in large spaces with multiple entrances and exits is a significant challenge in any closed environment, this advanced sensor provides significant value to hotels, offices, retail and real estate businesses, while making easier and more efficient the setup and implementation of the features by the system integrators.

Three core partners of Nanoelec –Schneider Electric, STMicroelectronics, and Lynred –, with scientific and technological inputs of CEA, Inria and UGA demonstrated a strong collaboration leveraging combined expertise and delivering this high-performance people-counting sensor. It gathers a strong mix of hardware and software options with the appropriate cybersecurity, reliability, and energy specifications. At the same time, Pulse/Nanoelec provided the technological platform to setup and test different configurations representative of the application context and to gather data exploring a range of suitable innovative solutions. Integrating this work, Schneider Electric introduced in 2022 its Insight-Sensor. Consistently with the number of people in a room, the sensor informs the Building Operation System, which dynamically adjusts room ventilation, reacting quickly before conditions become uncomfortable. Conversely, the Sensor ensures that energy
use for HVAC or lighting is reduced when rooms are at low or zero occupancy.

Since 2015, the Nanoelec/Pulse program partners have been working on attendance monitoring in public areas using digital devices.
Following this success and market introduction of the SpaceLogic Insight-Sensor, the collaboration is pursued within the program
and would keep on delivering innovative and worldclass efficient products for building operation, leveraging the unique know-how
gathered and shared between industry and research leaders within the framework of Nanoelec, combining electronics, AI, cybersecurity, and smart integration.

In November 2020, STMicroelectronics, Schneider Electric and Lynred presented the first integration of Edge AI in a high-performance people-counting sensor developed in the frame of Pulse/Nanoelec, with CEA, Inria and UGA. © Schneider Electric