7/04/2021 - 16 companies to strengthen the security of the Internet of Things

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As part of the European DigiFed project coordinated by CEA-Leti within the framework of IRT Nanoelec, sixteen French and European SMEs have been selected to take part in an cybersecurity experiment (“Generic Experiment Community“). Objective: strengthening the security of their embedded applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) based on the heterogeneous multicore STM32MP1 microprocessor from STMicroelectronics.

Each of these SMEs is representative of a use case, with its communication protocols and secure software. Their specifications will be pooled and entrusted to CEA-Leti. Then, within a year, CEA-Leti will develop an effective solution against attempted intrusion or exploitation of vulnerabilities. Several companies in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (Aura) region participate in this community.

They are in the fields of sensors for health and connected cities such as Charvet Digital Media for its digital communication devices, Panoramic Digital Health to transform sensors into a platform aimed at improving health or KentYou for IoT interoperability solutions to connect seamlessly to existing infrastructure and legacy solutions. This experience of co-defining an R&D program is co-financed by DigiFED and EasyPOC, the regional program (Aura) to support innovation. The CEA’s Y-Spot technological innovation center is leading it.